The Terror of Titles

I had several hesitations about knuckling down and starting this blog, besides the fact that I should be doing homework.  My first hesitation stems from the utter failure I have been in the past at keeping blogs.  Yes, failure.  Once upon a time I was stellar at keeping journals, but somehow, that knack has been lost.  So, as I intrepidly begin the blog, the question of whether or not it will remain in existence steadily lingers in the back of my mind.  Perhaps the fact that I have a purpose in this blog will aid me in this endeavor.

My second, and the more monumental hesitation, is that I’m a very indecisive person when it comes to little things.  This is a problem when it comes to issues like titles.  I debated extensively over what to call this blog.  The intention of this blog is to chronicle my meanderings around the world.  Not just in Italy, although that will be where I spend most of my time in the next 8 or months, but also as I traverse the island of Taiwan and take an excursion to Thailand.  It is supposed to house pictures of cool things, fascinating bits of information learned, or bizarre cross-cultural experiences.  And then, of course, I’ll end up in Italy…

That being said, I decided to entitle this blog “Chasing Aeneas.”  No, I’m not going to try and track down where the legendary Aeneas is buried and prove the validity of myths.  Rather, I chose the title “Chasing Aeneas” because of the meandering path that this legendary character took before reaching Italy.  Aeneas was a nomad, as am I.  Orvieto will be my home for four months; after that, I’ll head to who knows where.  Granted, I didn’t leave my home because it was being torched to the ground, but Aeneas traveled and impacted many different cities.  So in a sense, I’ll be chasing down how he lived–moving from place to place.  And besides, I had to pick someone who was in some way connected to Italy through Roman history, since that’s where I’ll be.

So there’s a feeble attempt to explain my reasoning and my goals for this blog.  I’ll try to start posting once I’ve left the country and have some excellent cultural error stories…


One thought on “The Terror of Titles

  1. lbm says:

    I like your title. Best of luck on your endeavor of blogging! I can’t wait to read about all your exciting experiences. Miss you!

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