Baggage, Itinerary, and Check-in, Oh My!

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” -St. Augustine

After several hours of driving (many more than necessary, due the absurd amount of accidents on high-ways), and after a brief stop in the world of Long Island, I am now preparing for my first flight of these next six months.  I have not flown since last Christmas, coming back to the States, but am still excited.  I love airports and people-watching at the airports.  Maybe Liberty Int’l will give me free Wi-Fi like Logan did last year.  Maybe not.  Nonetheless, it will make excellent people-watching material.

And now that school is over for the semester and I’ve been booted out of the dorm, I can finally actually start getting ready for my adventures!  So far, there has been an endless list of details to remember.  Today I discovered that United has shrunk their baggage allowance for free bags.  Tragic.  I may cry.  Not really, but it is sad.  Even though it doesn’t affect me for traveling to Asia, it will severely limit me when I travel to Italy.  Silly airlines.

I also had to verify when I had to be there.  My flight leaves at a grisly 6 AM.  I had heard rumors that international flights were required to check in 3 hours in advance.  Death.  No one should be awake at 3 in the morning.  However, I was much relieved to find that this, at least, has not changed, and it is only 2 hours it advance.  So, I need to leave at 3. Brutal.  Blessings on the poor soul that is driving me to the airport.

So, my to-do list tomorrow amounts to: check-in on-line, re-pack my bags (this is a big one…can someone provide me with some magic to make items shrink?), and deal with last minute odds and ends.

And so, let the adventures begin!


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