Feed the Birds

There is nothing safer than flying – it’s crashing that is dangerous” ~Theo Cowan

Story time:  This story’s a little late, but I think I will always think about and laugh.  A little over a week ago I went to Rome for the day (remember that post?).  It was a beautiful day.  During our time there, we had to walk from some random piazza in the middle of the city (although it wasn’t that random, it was probably stealthily chosen by our director) to the Vatican.  It was a long walk.

There are also a lot of pigeons in Italy.  Particularly Rome.  We had to keep glancing up while we were eating lunch on the piazza to make sure we weren’t directly under them.  But then, that’s typical of any big city.

While we were walking to the Vatican, we came across one particularly large flock of said pigeons.  They seemed far to docile and content to be left alone.  So what else could I do besides startle them a little?  In my defense, I would like to say that I wasn’t necessarily even chasing them, just, well…startling them.  I admit that the behavior was a little juvenile, but every now and then I have to let the inner child in me see the light.  And how different is it than college students chasing the Canadian geese on our quad during the fall and spring?

Silly choice.

As soon as I did, this little old Italian lady on a bike came over and started accusing me of I’m not exactly sure what, but from the way she was talking it sounded like I’d just tried to rob her of her lifesavings.  We couldn’t really figure out what was special about the pigeons.  We all shared the sentiment of a strong dislike for pigeons, which I am fairly positive that some Italians also share because I seem to remember some of them chasing pigeons on a piazza in Siena.  So I’m not really sure what was so special about these pigeons, but apparently, they were unique.  Maybe they were endangered, but it would’ve taken a lot for me to believe that…

Moral of the story: don’t chase pigeons while little old Italian ladies on bicycles are around.  I hope you all find the mental image as amusing as it is for me looking it back, although at the time I did feel bad for making her so distraught over the poor pigeons.

Today’s Italian class also involved making an Italian dessert.  I could get used to that type of Italian class every week.


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