Favorite Words

One more full day here in Italy.  While I can’t claim that I’m fluent in Italian, I have picked up some words that may or may not be hard to eliminate from daily vocabulary.  Here’s a list of them:

Ciao–used for hello and good-bye, it’s probably the most versatile word in the Italian language.  When hanging up the phone, one often experiences a machine gun of “ciao’s”: ciao ciao ciao ciao ciao…and so on.

Pronto–the Italian phone greeting.   It just sounds so much cooler than hello, and is a little more snappy than “wei.”

Basta–it means enough, and again, is very versatile.  Enough food, enough of the other person talking, enough of doing something…whatever.  And it sounds so final.

Va bene–okay, so that’s not a word, it’s a phrase, but it works for almost everything.  It’s kind of like the English “great” or “sounds good” but again, sounds cooler.

The next time you hear from me will probably be when I’m on the other side of the Atlantic.  We finished our last class yesterday, and concluded with the academic portion of our semester with an exhibition and performance by the drama class.  We’ve all been finishing up things on our final to-do lists.  The packing elves have come and gone, moving on to others in need.  Someone just needs to create the lightening elves.  Let’s hope Lufthansa only charges me what their website told me they would for my extra bag that has all my books in it.

So, ciao for now.


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