Monetary Miscalculations

“When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them I have it at home in my spare wallet.” -Nick Arnette

Since returning to gli stati uniti, I’ve done all of the following: visited my bank, gotten a haircut, bought paper for floor decorations for the fall, hung out with friends, mailed in vouchers, mailed a package, figured out school stuff, made a Walmart trip, filled out pertinent forms, gotten my car inspected, failed inspection, and ordered a new gas cap so that I can actually pass inspection tomorrow.  I feel like that’s a lot for only having been back in the states for 48 hours.  Not only that, but the first night I slept from 11:30-7:30, and last night from 11 to 8.  I think I’m winning the battle with jetlag.

Apparently, my mind has also grown unaccustomed to being able to use American money effectively.  I’ve always disliked American change, but I’m not sure what it is that this time coming back to the states I’ve miscalculated so much stuff.  For example, 3 quarters + 2 nickels = 85 cents, as opposed to my belief that it magically made 95 cents.  I’m not sure if this is just me being not so good at math, or just being so not used to 25 cents pieces that they just don’t compute in my mind.

It’s also weird that bills are all the same size and the same color.  It makes it harder to add up.  In Walmart I thought I’d handed the cashier a 20 when I’d really handed her a 10.  She kind of glared at me before I realized my mistake.  It wasn’t even intentional, for some reason I just though the bill was a 20.  Europe had the right idea when they varied the size and color of their bills.  Taiwan does the same thing.  Why green?


One thought on “Monetary Miscalculations

  1. Rebecca says:

    Peru varies the colors of bills too but not the size. Their coins are harder to tell apart though. Good luck with you further calculations 😉 Also, floor decorations!! Fun 🙂

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