Flea, Fly, Mosquito

The mosquitoes are horrendous this summer.  There’s pretty much a mosquito farm on the ropes course, and on the craft porch after sunset, you don’t want to be outside.  While the mosquitoes are annoying, though, I have to say that they don’t bother all that much.  They don’t really bite me, and when they do, their bites don’t stay for very long.  This is a sharp contrast to Italian mosquitoes; I have scars from mosquito-bites I got while I was in Italy.  I guess American mosquitoes don’t like my blood, and I’d much rather have mosquitoes than deer-flies.  There’s my cultural thought for the day–not all mosquitoes are the same.

In the first week of camp, I’ve done a variety of things that I never do anywhere else in life.  I unpacked a craft porch, disposed of a mouse nest, scaled a tree to put up a high-ropes element (incurring some pretty bruises on the way…ropes are heavy), stored sheets of steel in a nasty old barn, made about 7 buttons, and a couple of other things.  I’ve learned to knit.  Well, kind of.  the yarn is slowly taking shape, which I guess is something to be somewhat proud of.  I think I’ll stick with crocheting.

That’s all.  Ciao for now.


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