Clean? Or OCD?

So one of the aspects of Italian culture that we always found amusing was the way that Italians are obsessively clean.  Italian grandmothers will sweep their houses out three times a day just for the sake of cleanliness.  We never lived up to that standard in our monastery.

However, I think that New York state health codes may be able to join the race for most OCD desire for cleanliness.  As a result, no personal items may be left in the bathroom, food that goes out of the kitchen must be thrown away because it is henceforth contaminated, and about twenty million other things that don’t really make that much sense, but we must still abide by.  I guess Italian grandmothers would get along well with New York state.

This week involved sending people down the zipline, playing with enameling and all kinds of other fun craft tools, teaching myself cartooning, climbing in rafters to change batteries in smoke detectors (slipping on one…oops, don’t worry, I’m still alive), making a candy dispenser out of blocks of wood, reading the kiln manual, riding a horse, and other fun.  Most of them being things that I only do at camp and not really anywhere else.  I also gained about five more bruises.


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