Oh Irene

I’m guessing there is a title to that effect heading blogs across the internet.  I’m not trying to be original or creative.  But that’s really all I can say.  Oh Irene.

Hurricane Irene is predicted to hit Massachusetts sometime tomorrow.  As a result, residents at my college are requested (or is it mandated?) to remain inside during the worst of it.  We’ve made preparations for the worst, and the administration of the college seems to have gone through all of the worst case scenarios and tried to troubleshoot every single possible thing.  Fill water bottles, charge cell phones, close windows/blinds, put tarps over main windows…the whole deal.  Better to be over-prepared than under, I guess.

I can’t help but laugh a little.  Once Irene made landfall, it dropped from a category 3 to a category 1.  Bummer for Irene.  Yes, it will rain hard.  Yes, there will be some high winds.  But these typhoon/hurricane things are circumstances that I’ve faced every year of my life.  It rained hard and blew a lot then, too.  Our houses leaked.  We dealt with it.  School was cancelled.  Oh boy!  A garage covering blew off.  It got replaced.  Taiwan always took it in stride.  Do we make it on the news when we have a category 1 typhoon?  Hardly.  And yet this phenomenon of Irene has everyone going crazy.  Although I guess it would be the same if we suddenly had a blizzard in Taiwan.  Now that would be an experience…then I would chuckle as people tried to build snowplows on my little subtropical island.  And I’m sure that would make it in the news!


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