Separation of Church and…School

Seeing as many of my hours in the past few weeks and in the next couple of weeks have been and will be spent in the local public school here, several of my posts will likely be educationally-oriented.  I am currently halfway done with my pre-practicum observation hours in preparation for student teaching.  That means I’ve already spent over 25 hours in the classroom.  That’ll be nothing compared to student teaching, but when I have three other classes and two jobs on campus, 25 hours is a huge milestone to have completed.

This is also the first time that I’ve spent an extended period of time in a public school.  I’m blessed to be in the public school that I’m in–it’s an excellent school, the history program is well-developed, the students are respectful.

But it’s still touched by the issues of religion.  It’s interesting to see teachers having to address the varying religious affiliations.  The school’s policies are constantly changing.  So, when a test is scheduled for Rosh Hashanah, Jewish students will have to make it up.  Students don’t get vacations for religious holidays, be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, whatever.  Although I feel like if they gave all religious holidays off, there would be no school.  Students get a Christmas break (oh now, holiday break), and then will have a February break and Spring break that typically doesn’t coincide with Easter.

I think I got a lot of vacation in high school, between Christian holidays and Chinese holidays…


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