Around the World in Cuisine

This weekend, being off of classes for a couple of days and having a friend visiting, I decided it was finally time to actually try cooking some of the things that I grew to love in my other countries and see how they worked in the states.  The first effort was the Italian crostata…

An adventure, yes, but crostata is hard to mess up.  The most exciting parts of it were that the measurements that I got were not translatable to US measurements: 1 glass?  I knew this would be a problem when I was writing the recipe down, so we got to do some experimenting.  A glass is, indeed between three-quarters and one cup.  350 grams…well, I’m still not quite sure what that would translate to…I even had a scale and was measuring it.  The second exciting part is that Italian baking powder (or is it baking soda?) comes in specified packets.  You use either part of a packet or a whole packet.  So I guestimated 2 teaspoons.  The crostata actually turned out pretty well.

I also tried making shui jiao, or Chinese dumplings.  Those were exciting, too, mostly because I didn’t feel like making the skins myself, so I bought wrappers at a grocery store.  The only downside is that they only had square ones.  It makes sealing the shui jiao a little tricky, since they don’t quite fold the same way.  I also got to break in the new bamboo steamer I ordered.  It seemed to work, my brother claimed they weren’t bad shui jiao.  Does being able to cook food from two different countries make me an experienced cook?

The rain held off for my Boston trip yesterday.  My GPS died on my way back to school, but fortunately, I knew where I was going.  I just don’t have good luck with GPS’s.


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