New England Fall

Fall has undoubtedly arrived in the state of Massachusetts.  It’s cold.  There is frost on my car in the mornings.  Halloween is approaching.  You can’t just ignore fall in New England…it’s coming whether you like it or not.

So, here are some things I like about fall:

  • Changing leaves–you can’t deny that they are indeed beautiful.  Massachusetts leaves have finally begun to change color.  I even have a good view of the Gordon woods this year from the back window of my apartment.
  • Crunchy pine cones–I may or may not have an addiction to stepping on especially crunchy looking pine cones on campus.  They’re very satisfying, and in the past few days they’ve been plentiful.
  • Scarves–During my time in college, I’ve grown to appreciate scarves as both an accessory and a practical piece of clothing (they really do keep you warmer!).  Fall means that I can actually wear them without roasting.  They’re also great conversation starters: “I love you scarf!” “Oh thanks, it’s from …[fill in the blank: Thailand, Taiwan, Italy, New York…]” “Whoa, cool…”
Things I could live without that come with fall:
  • Lack of daylight–It gets dark so early now, and pretty soon, once we fall back, it will be dark when I have to leave for school in the morning.  Bummer.  My body still thinks that darkness means it’s time to start winding down for the day.  False-o.  When it starts getting dark at 5:30, that’s only the beginning of work time.
  • Frost–It’s cold.  I don’t like having to scrape my car off at 7 AM (which, granted, isn’t that early compared to other students teachers).  Still, rather not.
And that’s fall.  Next comes winter.  I think I’ll move somewhere warmer after I graduate.

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