And They All Went Crazy

So far, I’ve identified three things that make people across America–and particularly college students–behave abnormally and irrationally.  I know there are more than three, but these are the three that have stuck out to me the most:

1. Power outages–this is the one that is probably most pertinent to the college student population.  It seems like every time there’s a power outage, the logic component of the college student’s brain shuts down.  Suddenly, homework is irrelevant, impromptu dance parties break out in lounges, and clusters of guys go running around campus screaming like banchees.  Just because we can’t see you doesn’t mean we don’t know who you are…

2. Sports games–this impacts a larger percentage of the American population than just college students, but seeing as college sports are popular, it still fits.  Especially when your team wins.  I mean, isn’t it counter-productive to go trashing a city when your city’s team won?

3. (And of course, this is the one that prompted this post) Sales–Good grief, I’ve never been in a country that thrived more on sales than America does.  I’m really not sure what’s appealing about getting up at 4 and pushing through thousands of people (some of whom can be dangerous, as today’s events proved) just to get what you think is the best sale for those Christmas presents you need for your family…and more often than not, ending up with more for yourself than you bought for others.  Really, let’s think about this, is a sale really worth your life?  And if you’re smart about shopping, you won’t really even need those sales.

Some things I guess I’ll never understand…

In other news, I busted out the Christmas music yesterday!  And created an impromptu fireplace in my apartment…out of construction paper.  I figured the college wouldn’t really approve of my work ordering a fireplace.  The Dollar Store also makes a great resource for tinsel and garland.  Now I just need some snow before I return to my sub-tropical island for my actual Christmas.


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