This Monday I will board a plane to return to Taiwan (or Formosa, as a couple of my professors insist on calling it).  Ironically, the day that I leave for Taiwan will be exactly six months since I boarded a plane to return to the states from Italy.  Friday will have marked a year since I drove off from Gordon in anticipation of a study abroad semester.

It’s amazing how even six months can feel like a long time, and a year even longer.  The time goes so fast, and yet so much happens.  As of tomorrow, I will have completed my last class of my undergraduate career, since next semester I will be student teaching.

I really don’t have much to say besides this week acting as a unique marker in passing time.  And yet some things never change–I’m still flying on Monday across the world to Taiwan.  People still have trouble figuring out how a white girl is from Taiwan.  I think six months is about my limit for not participating in some extensive traveling.  I’ll have to add a few more countries to my list to visit though.


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