That’s Ironic

I find it somewhat ironic that the first time I’m attempting tiramisu since I left Italy is not in the United States, which supposedly has everything in one of its mammoth grocery stores, but rather in Asia, where you’re never sure if you can find some of the more basic baking ingredients that would have to be imported from the United States or somewhere else.  I’m sure I could spend an hour roaming through Market Basket and not find mascarpone–whether or not they actually have it–and yet here I’m poking around for sour cream and oh look, mascarpone sitting on the shelf.  Lady fingers?  No problem, just look next to the powdered mix of tiramisu cream.  Compared the immense quantity of items that American grocery stores carry, sometimes less is more.  Hence, I’ll finally be attempting tiramisu for Christmas.

Obviously, flights went smoothly and we arrived safely.  Some of the most uneventful flights I’ve taken yet.  Today involved sitting in parks where people were doing tai chi, eating dan bings, stumbling across grocery store oddities (they even had Italian espresso kettles…go figure), drinking teas, and decorating for Christmas–all of this in 70 degree weather.


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