A Belated Happy New Year

My apologies for neglecting to post in several weeks.  It’s not that I was busy.  In fact, I was very not busy.  It was more that I was on vacation–the first real vacation I’d had in about a year, since somehow things like studying abroad and summer jobs and fall semesters all ended up cramming into each other this past year.

After three and a half weeks in Taiwan, I’ve returned to the United States.  Those three weeks were full of dan bings, teas, 7-11 drinks, and all the other flavors of Taiwan that I will never find in the United States.  The customs official as I came back in was unusually intrigued by my passport–he proceeded to look through all the pages at all the stamps, read my visa from Italy, before flipping to the very last page to stamp it.  Then he saw I was born in Taiwan and thought that was the coolest thing ever.

Now I’m fighting the throes of jetlag.  It’s always worse coming back to the United States…


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