Stationery Squandering

Given the fact that I’ve committed myself to two years of teaching to begin in the fall, I really hope that I’m cut out for it.  Yes, I have begun student teaching–all of two lessons on my own.  I’ve discovered the lesson planning goes faster the more you do of it.  I’ve discovered that some students respond well to some things, and some don’t.

I’ve also discovered that office supplied in the United States are wicked expensive (there’s my New England osmosing coming through…sorry).  Pardon me as I rant for just a minute over the fact that a measly notebook costs anywhere between 1-5 bucks.  Okay, on it’s own, that’s not that expensive, but what if you’re a teacher and are hoping to have students journal frequently?  What kind of teacher can afford notebooks for all her students when there are about 60 of them and they all cost that much?  I guess that’s what they created teacher discounts for…unfortunately I don’t get those until I’m licensed and a real teacher.  Bummer.

Some days I miss Taiwan’s cheap stationery.

Complaining session over.  There are many things to be thankful for.


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