Productive Procrastination

I’m learning to productively procrastinate.  What?  Isn’t that oxymoronic?  (I’m into multisyllabic words tonight, can’t you tell?)

Here’s why:

Since beginning student teaching, my natural instincts to get as much done as possible early on have kicked in.  Hence, I already have about eight of my forty pieces of evidence for my PPA, I’m up to date in terms of my field log, and I have lesson plans written for up until February break.  Awesome.

On the flip side, though, I’ve realized that I can only get so much done in advance.  If I write a lesson plan too far in advance and photocopy everything wicked early, then by the time the actual teaching of the lesson roles around, I don’t really remember the details of what I’m teaching and haven’t thought through all the logistics.  Oops, problem.

So, I have to productively procrastinate so I don’t feel lazy.  I can no longer get the homework done on the day it’s assigned because, well, it’s all already been assigned, and if I study too early for the test I’ll forget it all.


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