TCKs Teaching

Earlier this month I rambled about how history and teaching go hand in hand.  Today I think I’ll ramble a little on how TCKs are more effective teachers.

Today my ninth graders found out that I lived in Taiwan.  I’d mentioned it before, but somehow it didn’t really register in their young and not-quite-awake minds.  Today it fit in with the conversation, though.  I found myself talking about the influence that the United States has on a global scale, and how many Taiwanese children would end up learning English.

Suddenly my ninth graders went crazy: “You lived in Taiwan?” “Where is Taiwan?” “Do you speak Taiwanese?” “Say something!”

I had them wrapped around my finger.

Thinking back to the class, I’m discovering what a benefit I can be for my students.  Most, if not all, of them will never have the experience of living in another country.  They may briefly visit, but never for an extended time.  While I’m teaching them, I am their window into another world.  I can give them perspectives on things that they would never even think of otherwise.  That’s what I’ve been doing my whole life for others, and that’s what I can do for my kids.


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