Those Random Conversations

Most entertaining conversation at school today:

History teacher/chair of dept. at high school: “How are things going?”

Me: “Oh, ya know, they’re going?”

History teacher: “Now, where do you live?”

Me: [confused stare] “You mean when I’m not at school?”

History teacher: “Yeah, outside of school.”

Me: [Thinking, “There is no outside of school”] saying “Well, I’m from Taiwan.”

History teacher: [Surprised stare] “So, you’re not going home for February break.”

Me: “Ahaha, no.  I don’t get to go home very often.”

History teacher: “Do you have somewhere to go?”

Me: “If I wanted to, yeah, but life’s at school for now…”

This conversation followed by a random invitation from an English teacher to go to New York next weekend.

The things that my fellow teachers at the high school have yet to learn about me.

In other news, if you haven’t seen this article yet, I don’t think I posted it here:


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