College Students

This week, I’ve gotten to be a college student again.  No joke.  Although technically for the next 88 days I am still considered a college student because I have yet to obtain my degree, my life now more resembles college graduate.  I get up before 6 AM every day to go to school, work a full day at school, come home and go to bed before 10 PM.  My college friends, on the other hand, sleep later and stay up later, and most of their stuff takes place on campus.  Their lives are on campus.  Well, I guess my life resembles real-work-person+college-student=having-to-do-the-work-for-both-person.  Plus the other similarity is that I still have no money because I don’t actually get paid for teaching…yet.

But I’m not posting to complain about the extreme costs associated with higher education in this country (although it is kind of ridiculous).  Being a college student again for my week of February break (side note: this is the first Feb. break I’ve ever had and it’s glorious!) has made me realize how bizarre the college student world really  is.    It’s so different from the rhythm of the working world, sometimes I have to wonder whether or not it really is preparing adults to go out into the working world.  I have a hunch that some of the students who graduate are in for an extreme shock when suddenly their boss doesn’t allow them to turn in reports late or show up to work late…and when work starts before 10 AM.

So what exactly is college educating students to do these days?  I’m all for intentional communities focused on advanced learning, but what is the long-term purpose?


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