First World Problems

As I was getting ready to leave, I heard a “BLRGHH” groan coming from a desk near me.  I turned around.  “Everything okay?” I asked.  “Yeah,” the other teacher replied, “The zipper thing just came off my lunch box.”  “Bummer,” I said.  She sighed.  “Yeah…first world problem.  I keep reminding myself.”

So let this blog post be read in the light of my understanding that this is a “first world problem.”

I’ve been trying to get an upgrade for my phone for about a month.  At the end of March, I was placing an order online for a “free” upgrade.  I called Verizon to make sure there would be now hidden fees.  They said they would put it in right then and it would be free.

I got the phone the next week, only to find a ridiculous charge listed on the receipt.  I called.  “What is this?” Long awkward silence.

“Yeah…that wasn’t supposed to happen,” the customer service man said.

You’re telling me.  I was told the send it back, the charge would be refunded, and my upgrade date would be changed back so I could order a new phone.

The return sat in the post office for about a week because of Texas tornadoes.  A week after it arrived, though, I still didn’t have my upgrade back.

Call #2.  Where’s my upgrade?  That’s a very good question, ma’am, I’ll look into it right away, you’ll have your upgrade back today.

Three days later, and I still didn’t have my upgrade back.

Call #3: Upgrade?  “I can’t believe that’s happened, I’m so sorry.  I’m contacting my supervisor now and you should have it within half an hour.”  Excellent.

I get my upgrade back.  I order a new phone.  Well, a certified pre-owned.  It came this week.  I activated it, programmed it, set my alarms.

I woke up the next morning to alarms that were not my phone alarm and wondered why I hadn’t heard my phone.  I looked.  It wouldn’t turn on.  My new upgrade was busted.  In a day. Good job phone company.

Take it to the store: “We can replace it…but we have to order it since we don’t have any in stock.”  How long? “Two to three days.”  You’ve got to be joking.

Meanwhile, I check my bill online, only to find that the phone company had not credited the entire refund to my account because they had charged a stocking fee that they said they wouldn’t.  Call #4 to Verizon.

I still don’t have an upgraded phone.  And I still might have to call Verizon.

First world problems.  At least I still have an old phone that works.


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