A is for Arrivederci

So I’m channeling Italy tonight, I guess.

I should be finishing packing right now.  Somehow I’m not too concerned.  I’m still not fully convinced that everything will fit in my car, but maybe magic will happen.  I mean, It’s only me in the car, so it’s not like I need to leave room for any passengers.  Sometimes I feel a little guilty for having so much stuff.  Then I realize that this is pretty much my entire life that I have to pack up and carry around.

Anyway, today A is for Arrivederci.  I guess it could also be for Adios, but arrivederci sounds so much classier, and fitting since this time last semester I was still concluding my semester in Italy.

Tomorrow I bid farewell to my home for the past four years.  Pardon me if I wax a little bit nostalgic.  What’s a good blog without a farewell college/graduation post anyway?  In four years here I have:

-Taken a boatload of classes, worked hard in all of them, and have the grades to prove it.  Half of my eight semesters were 18 credit semesters, and I’ve survived.
-Spent about 3 of my years TAing/tutoring for my history department.  Some of my professors still marvel at me when I say that I enjoyed it–honestly, I did.
-Been an RA for two years.  ResLife is the heart of a college campus, in my humble opinion.
-Lived in Italy for a semester.  An unbelievable four months of blissful history.
-Been a student teacher for a semester, and survived the ninth and tenth graders at an American public school.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget those children.
-After all of that, graduated summa cum laude and have a job for the fall.

So thanks college, it’s been a great four years.  Maybe I’ll see you again when I’ve earned my PhD in about a decade. 


One thought on “A is for Arrivederci

  1. i love reading little snippets of your life – you inspire me, did you know that? it’s neat to get a glimpse into your life :).

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