B is for Betting

Okay, I guess I’m on an alphabet roll.  We’ll see how long this lasts.

I’ve decided that civilization these days–and particularly Americans–like to bet.  A better word would probably be gamble.  But “betting” starts with B, so I used it.

I’m not even talking casino or poker gambling.  I’m talking life gambling.

Think about it: anytime anyone in the United States wants to do something major (buy a house, buy a car, go to college) or even many smaller things (use a credit card!), more often than not people end up using money that they don’t actually have.  Whether it’s taking out a loan for higher education, signing for financing on a car, or buying groceries with a credit card, you’re using money that you don’t actually have right there with you.  You anticipate having that money in the near future, but who really knows what’s going to happen a few months or years down the road?  

And yet, it’s the type of lifestyle that most people in society must follow if they ever want to do anything.  Granted, you can still be smart and frugal within that lifestyle, but no one can completely predict the future.


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