C is for…oh crum…

I’ve reached stop number one (or is it two including graduation?  or three if you’re counting states I’m stopping in?) in my summer traveling extravaganza.  I set out this morning for the 4.5 hours drive up to Massachusetts for a bridal shower (not my own, a friend’s).  I was very excited to be taking my first road trip in my “new” (read as “bought used on Tuesday but new to me and newer than my ’95 Sable that I used to drive”) car.  I plugged in my GPS and drove off toward the highway.

Ten minutes down the road, my GPS started powering down.  What?  It was indeed plugged in.  But the charger wasn’t working.  Oh crum.  I can get up to Massachusetts on my own, but as far as finding a church in a city I’ve never been in before, I knew I would be toast.  Back to the house to print out paper directions.

I am pleased to say I was able to navigate my way to the church in Massachusetts using the traditional paper map method.  Of course, it helped that it was basically the route that I took when I was traveling up to school (before I became a college graduate).  And I’m not sure if I should really be proud of being able to do something that ten years ago would have been standard procedure.  I am a technologically-contaminated product of the 21st century.

The real test will be this next week.  My GPS charger still doesn’t work.  Well, it works in every other car I’ve tried it in…besides my own.  And this week I will be driving on uncharted highways (uncharted in the “Owen” mapbook).  If the GPS charger doesn’t undergo healing in the next 48 hours, it could be an exciting adventure down south.

First, I have to make it down to where all my stuff is again.

States driven through this summer so far: MA, CT, NY, NJ, NH


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