Selfish Societies

Okay folks, I realize it’s been a while.  Let’s just say I’ve been a little busy. Working from 7-5:30 and then up writing lesson plans tends to eat up time pretty quickly.  I did have the fabulous opportunity to visit the Houston aquarium last weekend, so I guess it’s not all work and no play.

But the more I head toward the end of training, the more I realize how much were perpetuate the mindset of individual selfishness in the upcoming generations.  Some people wonder why Americans are so individualistic.  I’ve seen why.  And it’s not just the organization I’m currently working with.  It’s everywhere.  However, since I’m currently immersed in this one organization, I’ve definitely seen it amplified.

Today, for example.  Several hundred students from elementary, middle, and high schools visited a college campus.  For about six hours, they had college thrown at them.  But at the heart of those college advertisements was the message: “You need to think about yourself.  Do what you need to do to get ahead.”

How selfish is that?  And we wonder why there is so much corruption and greed in the world.

But take it a step further.  Really, is there anyone who didn’t have a selfish motivation for joining this organization?  Oftentimes my organization gets criticized for padding its participants’ resumes.  Understandable.  Most of the people I’ve spoken to, however, staunchly claim that they did not join in order to get that extra push on their resume.  Okay, fair.  But which one of us can truly claim that we don’t do anything out of selfish ambition?  Maybe it wasn’t that resume boost, but rather the good feeling that you get from knowing that you spent two years of your life helping others in need?  Still thinking of yourself and the benefits you gain as a result of the commitment.  Of maybe your convinced that these people need you because of your specific skills and no one else will suffice to fill that role.  Maybe that’s true, but how self-centered is that thought really?

Someday we’ll reach that community where we can truly take ourselves out of the equation and put the interest of others before ourselves.  Until then we can only work on building that community.


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