Enter Olympics 2012

I know it’s been too long since I’ve blogged when wordpress doesn’t automatically remember my log-in info.  There have been several things that I have fully intended to blog about: the Hunger Games, the Aurora shootings.  I just simply never got around to it.

So this post I suppose will combine a couple of those things.  I think its somewhat ironic that the Hunger Games have returned to popularity just prior to the Olympics.  I’ve heard a lot of people relating the Hunger Games to the Olympics.  I think it’s an interesting comparison.  And I have to admit, the opening ceremonies kind of do hold some similarity–a show, a performance, telling a story of a civilization.  The story that the opening ceremonies chose to tell I think is an interesting one–one that’s led to the development of civilizations, but also led to a lot of the problems that the world faces today.

However, I think it’s interesting to see the contrast between the two forms of the games.  I’m not talking about the content of the games, either.  Those are obvious contrasts.  I’m talking about the contrasts in the intents of the games.  The games of the Hunger Games were created to inspire fear and remind subjects of who was in control.  They were games that on the outside “united” people, but united them under oppression.

The Olympic Games, though, are supposed to unite for unity’s sake.  No one’s in charge, and while countries are trying to win, it’s not because they’ve been ordered to by a merciless tyrant of another country.  Countries formerly separate come together instead of countries seeming to be together being driven apart through competition.

But I guess those differences are the whole point of a dystopian society in the first place.


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