My Little Italy

I never expected to find something that reminded me of Italy in the United States.  But that’s probably because the majority of the United States that I had seen until now was the Northeast.  Not that I’m hating on the Northeast–can’t hate it when I called it my home for four years.  But in many ways, small town NC reminds me of Orvieto.

1. Everything is closed on Sundays.  This was the case in Italy too.  Not because they wanted to inconvenience people, but because they wanted to rest.  Makes sense.

2. Hours for stores are shorter during the week.  Again, not to be intentionally annoying, but there are better things to be doing.

3. There’s a slower pace of life all around.  Enjoy it.

4. There aren’t huge chain stores.  The closest Walmart is 30 minutes.  Forget about things like Old Navy.  There are grocery stores and dollar generals, and that’s enough.

Like I said, there’s no Duomo.  But people know who they are.  There’s more identity here than I ever found in the Northeast.  The historical aspect of it has a new kind of life that is integrated into daily living.


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