American Points

I’ve decided that since I’ve officially begun living in America, I will award myself American points.  But wait, you say.  Didn’t you attend college in Massachusetts, and isn’t Massachusetts part of America?

Well, yes.  Except for those 4 months I was in Italy, and those Christmas breaks I flew to Taiwan for.  But after concluding my undergrad experience, I’ve decided that college anywhere is not a true reflection of the culture of the country.  College life is not an accurate depiction of actual America.  Yes, we speak English, yes you shop at American stores, but it is in no way a representation of American adulthood.

Hence, now that I am making my home in America for at least the next two years, I find some amusement in an American point system.  So far I’ve earned:

-10 points for attending a corn maze.  This in contrast to a shipping container maze I went to in Taiwan.  This was much more exciting.

-15 points for the county fair.  Included in that is 3 points for figuring out what an elephant ear was (massive fried dough) and eating one.

-3 points for driving by a cotton field

-10 points for attending local town events such as taste of the town

-5 points for going to American football games at the school I teach at (I still don’t get the obsession with the sport)

That’s about all I have so far.  Maybe these would be better defined as Southern points.  And these do differ from adult points, which I have also accumulated over the past 2 months.

I guess voting in the upcoming election would count for about 100 American points.  However, I find myself hard pressed to vote for any candidate who does not understand what it is like to be a teacher in a poverty-stricken community where there is no focus on education and no one cares that kids can’t read.  It’s going to take more than making a law that every child needs to be on grade level in reading and math to actually make it happen, and it won’t happen until the people making the laws actually see what it’s like.


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