The Blame Game

It started with Adam and Eve.  I can’t pretend to know what it was like that day in the Garden as God called for Adam even though He knew perfectly well where Adam was.  I can only imagine the guilt that Adam must have felt–knowing that he had performed an action that displeased his Creator, wishing he could turn back the clock and take it back, looking for a way to not disappoint someone who loved him so much.  

So he pointed at Eve.  And Eve pointed at the serpent.

I’m not trying to explain who was at fault for sin coming into the world.  I’m just reminded of this blame game that was begun at the beginning of time as I get more and more involved in the educational world.

Fact: many kids are not getting the education they need.

Fact: many kids at the high school level cannot read effectively.

Fact: this disadvantages the students’ future.

Fiction: It’s all the teacher’s fault.

Fiction: It’s all the parents’ fault.

Fiction: It’s all the government’s fault.

Everyone knows that the education system has some problems.  Everyone knows that things need to change.  The problem is, whenever people get together to try to solve it, it become a blame game.  “Well, we can’t do everything because it’s also the parents’ responsibility.”  Yes, some of it might be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything.  It take someone taking responsibility for others to realize that they have a role to play too.  Maybe the problem is not all one person’s fault.  In fact, it’s probably not anyone’s fault specifically.  The roots of problems like these go back to before many of us were alive.  But if people keep shoving the blame off on someone else–from teachers to administrators to parents to government officials–nothing is going to change.

I think that goes for everything in life.  The more time you spend doing something and the less time you spend complaining about things, the more change you’ll see.  So just stop playing the blame game.


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