Christmas in North Carolina

So far, I have been utterly pathetic at Christmas decorations.  I have not yet purchased a Christmas tree–partially because I can’t afford it right now and partially because my car isn’t big enough to get it back–I have one garland up, and that’s pretty much it.

But just because my own apartment is not Christmas-fied does not mean that the rest of life is not.  Wreaths are up around the town.  The houses down the street have lights.  Church is being decorated next Sunday.

And we made advent wreaths this evening.  I guess my new hobby is flower-arranging.  Over Thanksgiving I earned the job of making flower arrangements for the table.  Today I was able to hone my skills again by arranging the holly on the wreath below:

Ready for advent to begin next Sunday.

Side note: I’ve also learned that, contrary to practices in the North, in North Carolina events actually start on time and people arrive early for said events.  An event that starts at 6 PM involved people arriving as early as 5:30 to begin.  Something starting at 5 really starts at 4:30.  Very much in opposition to the Massachusetts practice of arriving on time and starting 5 minutes late.


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