When we’re little (or not so little), it seems as though we’re always working toward something.  We want to finish the third grade so we can move onto the next.  We want to finish being eight so we can be nine.  We work through high school so that we can finish it.  We go to college and work toward graduation–or even just take a course to eventually be done with it and earn those credits so that we can work toward graduation and get that degree.  We get in the car to get to the place we want to go, and we get on a plane to reach our final destination.  We’re going somewhere.  

We want to be going somewhere.  Society wants to be going somewhere.  Why else would society be striving toward technological innovation, using data to measure anything and everything and chart out future courses.

Where does society want to be going?  To “better.”  Whose better?  That’s where the problem comes in.  Society has deluded itself into believing that better can lead to best.  But every time they achieve the best at something, there’s some way to be better.  According to someone else.

Really, outside of the academic world and travel, I’m not convinced that it is possible to arrive anywhere completely.  There’s not much of an end to a career besides retirement, and thinking about working only for retirement is kind of morbid and depressing.  There’s always going to be something new to discover technologically.  There’s always somewhere further out we can send astronauts.  There are always new ideas to spread.  And living in a fallen world, we’re not going to arrive at true community.

So what do we do?  The best that we can.  Not the best based on money or success, but the best based on the hope that someday, we will arrive at God’s plan for the world.


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