I’ve bragged before about my exquisite packing skills.  Whether it’s cramming boxes into the oddly shaped trunks of cars or smashing clothes to fit into the one suitcase limit that airlines now impose upon travelers, somehow it all magically works.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed about my vacations over the past year is that I don’t have to worry about either of those.  I can just chuck all of my stuff into my Toyota, make sure it’s got a full tank of gas, and be off.  I mean, there are duffel bags involved, but if something doesn’t fit I can just throw it into a grocery bag.

Today I realized that, while I’m very good at packing, I’m not so great at unpacking.  There were, of course, a couple of other revelations that went with this today…

When I woke up this morning, I really only had about two things on my agenda.  The first was to clean.  Thoroughly.  In an effort to thwart the ants that I was beginning to see in the kitchen (in case anyone cared, I think an ant invasion has been averted…especially with the kill on contact ant spray I bought).  The second item to accomplish was the pack.  (It’s almost 6 PM, and I haven’t really packed yet…but that’s okay, because I’m good at packing.)

Revelation of the day number 1: I realized that at the end of the school year, this summer will mark the first time in about 7 years that I don’t have to pack all of my belongings into boxes, move out of somewhere, and find somewhere to store it while I go off to camp.  That was a pretty exciting realization–I guess there are some perks to being in a place for longer than 1 year.

Revelation of the day number 2: I’m really bad at unpacking.  I starting noticing this a few weeks ago when I spent 20 minutes looking for a charger only to realize that it was still in my backpack from my last trip to Williamsburg 4 months ago.  Today as I was cleaning I looked over at a box that has sat in the kitchen since I moved into my apartment.  Seven months after I’ve moved in, and I still haven’t unpacked all of my boxes.  Part of it is because I know that I don’t really need the stuff in those boxes to live now.  The other reason is that I don’t necessarily have a spot for it all, since I’m still acquiring real furniture.  But I figured now was as good a time as any to find out what was really inside.

I opened it up and had to laugh.  Of all the boxes that I’d left in my kitchen, not unpacked, this one contained my middle school and high school CD collection, an assortment of books, CD’s of pictures, and old scrapbook, my AP English Shakespeare project, and my favorite middle school computer games (Zeus, Emperor…other historically based games…too bad I didn’t have those when I was teaching ancient civilizations).

Looking through the box made me laugh at the randomness of the things that actually made it to North Carolina with me.  Some people have rooms at home with all of that middle school/high school junk in it.  Or maybe it’s shoved in an attic somewhere.  I find it ironic that after the miles I’ve traveled and flights I’ve flown, I still have it in a box.

And now I should go pack.


One thought on “(un)Packing

  1. mysticalilha says:

    haha oh lauren, i’ve stumbled across that AP English project so many times over the years, and each time I pull it out, smile nostalgically and put it in the “to save and watch again soon” pile..where it sits until I pull it out again. I have to say, I love going back to those memories – climbing a tree with you, laughing, watching you stranded on a roof (and still manage to make a way down), filming at McDonalds – some memories just never get old. 🙂

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