On Home

I’ve seen post after post from TCKs trying to answer the question, “Where’s home?”  Some people say the airplane.  Some people cite the city they were born in.  Others the country their parents are from.

In college, most students go home for holidays.  By my senior year, people were getting used to the fact that I didn’t go “home” for vacations (wherever that was) and the question changed to, “Where are you going for break this time?  Wanna come visit me?”  With not having a specific location as a home also came a certain freedom to travel and see people.

As spring break this year approached, I began thinking about where I wanted to go for break.  For some reason, since the fall, I had convinced myself that I would end up going back to my college for spring break.  I saw no reason to change those plans now.

I wondered what it would be like going back to campus after being away for about 10 months.  Part of me always wonders how much people will remember.  I wonder how much time people will be able to take out of their schedule to catch up.  I expect people to move on with their lives.  Lives don’t stop because people leave.

There were only a few people that I actually emailed and told I was coming to visit.  They were excited and we definitely scheduled times to get together.  My week was full, but I had some time that I figured I would spend hanging out at coffee shops and writing or reading.  Little did I know that in walking around campus, I would find people who care more about other people than about the seconds ticking by on the clock.  And that was part of the community that made this college wonderful.

So I think I’ve decided that home is where you’ve developed relationships so deep that it’s okay that you haven’t been around for 10 months, you still have something in common and people who care about you.  They move on with their lives, but they don’t ever forget.  It’s not necessarily a place.  But that’s home.


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