On Truth

I recently returned to a dormant Twitter account that I had created months ago and never used.  The whole idea of Twitter kind of weirded me out…and still does.  I really don’t want to know what people are doing/thinking every other minute of the day.  Some things are better left unsaid, and just because the Internet is there doesn’t mean that you need to catalog your life using it.

Last week another teacher reminded me of something she’d presented on about a year ago–using Twitter’s back channels (aka #hashtags) to tap into some of the professional networks on Twitter–#sschat, #edchat, etc.  Once a week a bunch of people log onto Tweetdeck and watch someone facilitate (and hopefully participate in) a discussion about a topic relating to the group’s common interest.  During the rest of the week, people shoot random thoughts/questions out to the group to look for ideas.

After figuring out how to use it, it started sucking my time for obvious reasons.  It’s a great resource.  After watching a weekly chat take place, though, I was struck by how much people are just searching…

There are so many different opinions out there, and based on research, something will be right one day and wrong the next.  There are a bazillion “best” practices, and so many people saying what the “right” way to do things is.  Right according to who?  Best according to what?  I can tell you right off the bat that some of the “best” practices in education just plain don’t work for my students for a variety of reasons.  That doesn’t make it bad, but it does mean that maybe it’s not really a “best” practice.  And besides that, who’s “right” anyway?  Society?  But society changes, as research shows.

It’s too bad, really.  I think everyone is looking for that one thing to be “right” or that piece of truth that they can hold onto.  I guess then it’s important to remember how much truth comes from the Bible.  Are the results of this [fill in the blank] going to get me closer to bringing God’s kingdom to Earth and reaching that Kingdom of Heaven that has been tainted by sin?  Or is it just feeding into the lies of the world?  And maybe the answer is different based on the different contexts…but when the only real truth is the Bible, that’s what you have to go on.


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