With the Horses

This past week at camp I got to spend assisting with Equestrian Camp.  When I was little, I loved horses, but living in a city in Asia didn’t really lend itself to learning to ride…nor was it really affordable.  Which is why I was very excited to be able to work with the horses this summer. 

I learned a lot of things this week.  I learned that I don’t really know too much about horses.  I learned that I’m really not that good at riding, especially when I haven’t been on in two years.  I enjoy it a lot, but really have to work at it and think about it, especially when it comes to posting.  I know I look like a fool, but I still love them.

I’ve decided I think it’s probably good that I’m not actually that good at riding…at least right now.  A lot of times growing up, I learned to play to my strengths.  In school, I typically took classes I knew I would be good at–history and english.  In sports, I tried out for the sports I was familiar with so knew I would at least get on the team.  

So when it comes to riding, I actually have to put so much more effort into learning and paying attention to what I’m doing.  Even though it’s frustrating at times, I feel like I’m learning more about what it means to actually learn instead of getting around something I’m already good at, which will serve me better in the long run.


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