On Vomit

Okay, sorry for the title of this blog post, but that pretty much was the week.  Almost half of my days this week included dealing with vomit from campers in some way, shape or form.  Whether it was in three different spots in the dining hall, in the side of tents, or on a blanket, it was there.  Febreze works wonders.

We had always been taught about our biohazard box during staff training, but I had never actually really needed to use it before until this past week.  Somewhat ironically, though, despite the fact that it was my campers who were the ones being sick, I rarely actually was the one cleaning up most of the mess.  I would come and do the follow up clean (dousing in sanitizer, spraying Febreze), but magically, someone else (or two other people) were already there doing the major clean up.

As I watched my colleagues jump in with gloves and face masks and douse the area with kitty litter, I realized just how amazing of a place I worked in this summer.  In a normal work environment in the “real” world, most people would turn around and walk away from a mess like that, or start complaining, or hold their nose, or point to someone else and order them to clean it up.  In my work place, though, I get to work with people who jump in whether it’s a fun job or not because they love each other and love their job and love the community we are working in.  These people can see past their needs and wants and look to the needs of others and the greater good.  I kind of think of Jesus washing the disciples’ feet–one of the grossest jobs that He did willingly, and in the same way these staff members cleaned up vomit not only willingly, but with a smile and laughing while they did it.

I have been so phenomenally blessed to work with such godly people in such a Christ-centered environment this summer.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place where I experienced such unconditional love as what I saw this summer.  That love is a testament to what God has given to us and what we are passing on to others.  So while I may always remember this week as the week of vomit, I’ll also remember it as the week when I saw some of the most amazing people in my life become the most amazing servants.


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