An American Weekend

Sometimes I’m surprised that my friends still put up with me.  With the amount that I rave about “being American” and “getting American points” I’m shocked they haven’t written me off as obnoxious.

This weekend involved the most American points I’ve earned since DC.  I never did tally them up for DC, just totaled them a a hundred bajillion.

This weekend, though, included the following:

1. County fair–15 American points, plus another 3 for each ride that I went on (totaling…9 points for 3 rides).  PLUS an added 8 points for almost winning twice at the BB gun booth.  And 3 for finishing off a funnel cake.

2. Driving almost the entire length of NC in a weekend–10 points.  Went to Charlotte.  Actually, also went into South Carolina, so I guess I can add that to the list of states I’ve traveled to.

3. American Amusement Park–25 points!  My first official amusement park.  Taiwanese amusement parks don’t quite compare…I did go on one roller coaster, so an added 5 points for that.

4. FIRST CONCERT EVER!  30 points for that.  Win of a night, three artists who I like and a speaker who’s spoken at my college about four times.

So that leaves me with a total of…97 American points for the weekend.  

As I tallied up American points this weekend, I tried to remember why I’d started giving myself American points.  It started last year, when I moved down South.  But why?  I can’t remember for the life of me why I started giving myself American points.  Mostly it was a way to quantify my “American-ness.”  But for what purpose?  Am I trying to prove to someone that I am indeed American?  Is there a certain number of points that I need to officially be American?

The answer to all of those is…no.  Maybe it was a way to quantify my excitement for doing things that I might deem “American,” or to help other people understand how foreign some of these things were to me.  But whatever the purpose was, I don’t think there will be any denying the fact that I will probably never be completely American.  And that’s okay.  For now, I’ll just be Lauren, and I’ll teach my students to the best of my ability.


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