Writing and Expats

It was the end of November, and I was once again trolling Facebook for recent updates.  With a few days off for Thanksgiving, I had decided to travel back to North Carolina to visit my friends from the two years that I lived there.  While I was sitting in the apartment I used to share with my ex-roommate, I clicked on one of the groups that I am technically a part of but rarely keep tabs on.  Someone in the group had posted a link to something call the Parfitt Pascoe Writing Residency, which was open for applications until December 1st.

For fun, I clicked on the link and read the description of applicants the residency sought.  I chuckled when I realized they were looking for people like me–people who had lived (or currently live) cross-culturally and who are newish writers.  Recipients of the scholarship commit to an eight week writing course and attend the FIGT 2015 conference to report on the sessions.

I applied, and in a week found out I had been picked as one of the four writing scholars.  With that, I began an eight-week online course on writing and placing articles, and will be traveling to the FIGT 2015 conference in March to cover the sessions that occur (which, ironically, will be the weekend after I get back from my next trip to Haiti…).

As part of my writing course, I’ll be posting some book reviews and other things to my blog, so stay tuned as I get to write and read more about expats and cross-cultural transitions.

For more information about FIGT, check out their website: http://figt.org or follow them on Twitter @crossingculture.


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