Book Review: Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between

My few days off at Christmas allowed time for extended reading.  Here’s a next book review:

Arrivals, Departures, and the Adventures In-Between
By Chris O’Shaughnessy
Summertime Publishing, 2014
157 Pages

Chris O’Shaughnessy’s book Arrivals, Departures and the Adventures In-Between reflects his life: a non-stop adventure. O’Shaughnessy draws on his own experiences as a TCK and living between American and British worlds to illustrate key themes of the TCK identity, all of which lead to a hilarious and entertaining read. Readers are sure to laugh out loud at retellings of cross-cultural miscommunications and cringe with embarrassment at childhood cultural faux pas (and everything in between).

O’Shaughnessy has taken the undeniably complex identity of the TCK and written an incredibly understandable text that serves to both inform readers about the life of a TCK and verbalize what so many TCKs feel as they seek to discover who they are through transitions. This in itself is impressive. The focus on personal narrative combined with humor will probably make it most enjoyable for a teenage TCK to read, but the memoir-mixed handbook holds something for everyone. This book especially benefits TCKs who are just discovering that there is a term associated with their identity.

The most distinctive feature of O’Shaughnessy’s book is that it updates the TCK identity and frames it within the 21st century. Whereas original research into TCKs emerged before the era of Facebook, Twitter, and social media, this book addresses previous research and connects it to the present technological era, making the content even more applicable. Though the book updates the previous information, however, there is limited presentation of new information about TCKs. Regardless, I would recommend the book to both TCKs and non-TCKs.


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